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(Posted 11/27/2012)

We had the best Thanksgiving weekend.  We saw Skyfall and watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 (I am waiting for part 2 to come out on DVD; wow…the book was so good, the movie not so much!).

We spoke with David's mom as usual on Sunday.  She will be 96 years old in about 7 weeks.  She is so cute; she will ask "How old am I?" and when you tell her, she sometimes says "No, I am not!"; sometimes she just giggles; sometimes she says she is 'getting up there'.  She continues to be happy in the moment, for which we are very grateful.

Saw a black squirrel in the yard today.  I had never seen one before.

Here is an odd observation:  New neighbors had a Romney sign in their yard for more than a week following the election. Then, one day last week, I notice it is gone.  The next day:  Back.  same spot and everything.  I dont want to spoil it for them, but the election has passed. 

We had some portraits taken (check out our new LinkedIn photos!) by Topshots Photography.  This is our second time using this photographer (he is an IT guy that I worked with back in the day).  He does nice work.

More as it happens…


General Updates:

(posted 5/15/2011)

* We just spoke with David's mom.  She sounded well and happy.  She still is unable to get up from a chair on her own, so she is getting a lot of help.  She sounded strong and alert.  David's sisters said she told them now that she is feeling better, she has commented "I was really mixed up!"

* I finally have links to our friend, Elizabeth's, YouTube videos.  She loves her music!  The one to see is this one, where she is naming the albums way before she was able to read:  Album Cover Quiz

This one is a very short demo of her dancing skills:  Elizabeth Dancing

* David and I saw "Thor" last weekend, in 3D.  I liked it a lot!  That actor playing the main character is quite…tall.  I think most folks we know will enjoy it!

* The sewer project is finally complete – all that is left is the grass to grow.  Look for a few pics of the process on my Facebook page.  There is still a lot of dirt and dust (since it rained the entire 6 weeks of the project when lawns were dug up!), but hopefully the rain over the next few days will help move that along.


Here are some things you may want to know about:

* Katie has registered her business name, The Pink Anvil, with the State of Ohio.  She is officially DBA The Pink Anvil.

* Elizabeth, David's 94-yr old mom, had surgery on her femur on Saturday, 4/16, and she is doing extremely well!  She is already ready to get back to her own place (in an assisted living facility) and has been walking on it.  She has had a few falls in the last months, and this last time, they found a small fracture in her femur, so 2 screws were installed and she is good to go!

* Katie and David have another Elizabeth in our life these days. She is the daughter of good family friends, Laura and her husband David.  Elizabeth is 5, loves music (especially the Beatles), loves to dance, has 3 cats (her favorite type of animal) and is a joy to be around.  We will soon have a post to her YouTube channel, where you will be amazed at her ability to identifiy musical artists just by looking at their album covers (this was before she could read!).

* The city of Columbus has hired a contractor to put in new sewers in the neighborhood.  Look for pictures of the project, started last month, especially where we have piles of dirt, and drainage pipe, gracing our front lawn.

* We have become avid bird feeders recently, and participated in the recent National Bird Count.  We have 2 suet feeders and a squirrel-proof feeder hanging in a tree out back.  Unfortunately, the feeders are not raccoon-proof, but we are convinced we are smarter than they are, and despite losing every night so far, we will overcome their greedy little hands!  Check out our pics on the on-going battle!

* In travel news, Dave F is planning to be in Columbus in mid-July.  Not sure why he will be in town, or how long, but stay tuned.

More as it happens….


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